SOLID AND STABLEFlat greenhouse

Sturdy structural members made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes Ø60 mm. The basis of these structures is based on the prepared substrate, which permanently ensures the stability of the building. Standard facility widths are 6.40; 8.0; 10.0; 12.0 m. The distance between the arches or columns is 2.0 or 2.5 m. The height of the sides is 2.5/3,0/3,5/4,0 m.

The lengths of the greenhouses are arbitrary. They are covered mainly by double inflated PE film with a thickness of 200 qm. In addition to the side vents, roof vents can be installed along the building. Ventilation control is performed with motors and automatic wind speed control. On the front pages we install single or double sliding doors lined with polycarbonate panels.

Širina D (m) Visina ispod žlijeba Vž (m) Vsina sljemena Vs (m)
6,40 2,5/3,0/3,5/4,0/ 4,3/4,8/5,3/5,8
8,00 2,5/3,0/3,5/4,0/ 4,7/5,2/5,7/6,2
10,0 2,5/3,0/3,5/4,0/ 5,1/5,6/6,1/6,6
12,0 2,5/3,0/3,5/4,0/ 5,5/6,0/6,5/7,0


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