Drainage, rain water, well water UVC disinfection units
UltraLP - For an eco-sustainable cultivation saving water and fertilizer.

In order to maintain the perfect nutrient balance in the root zone in the slab, a large amount of irrigation water must be drained. If not collected, this drainage will be dispersed in the soil causing environmental pollution to surface and underground waters.

Collecting and using the drainage for irrigation allows a considerable saving of water and fertilizers and, at the same time, protects the environment.

The drainage to be used for irrigation must first be disinfected to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens to crops.

In many cases, to satisfy the company’s irrigation needs, it becomes necessary to use rainwater from the roofs of greenhouses or from surface waters; but, to avoid the contamination of crops with pathogens normally found in these waters, Spagnol has created Ultra LP … an effective drain disinfection unit based on the germicidal, fungicidal and bactericidal capacity of UVC radiations.

The Ultra LP disinfection unit is equipped with special UVC lamps with high efficiency and long life; at the end of their life, non-qualified personnel can replace them. A sensor constantly checks that the level of disinfection achieved is adequate for inhibit bacteria, fungi and viruses. To irrigate the crops with water that has been previously filtered and decontaminated with Ultra LP means making your production safe and profitable.

Irrigated water is a potential vector of bacteria, fungi and viruses that contribute to the spread of diseases that often do not guarantee the production of young plants immune to pathologies.

Sometimes, the lack of good ground water forces to use rainwater coming from the roofs of the greenhouses and then stored in open reservoirs, which often become the ideal environment for the proliferation of diseases that can then be transmitted to crops through irrigated water.

This is why disinfection is necessary before using it.

Different systems can be proposed depending on the initial quality of the primary waters, on the amount of water necessary for the greenhouse and on the level of disinfection that you wish to obtain.

The disinfection level is guaranteed by a precise sensor that measures the amount of UVC radiation inside the disinfection chamber

The control software has also been developed for the disinfection of drainage systems for out-of-soil cultivation plants.

In this case, it can operate in sequence on different recirculating solutions and, if necessary, manage dilution with primary water.

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