The basic construction of the garden greenhouse is made of steel cold-dip galvanized pipes, namely anchors Ø27mm and arches Ø33 x 1.5mm, while the secondary girders and struts of the same material are only Ø27 x 1.5mm. The height at the side is 1.65 m, while height in the ridge 3.00 m. The anchors are mechanically screwed into the ground, to a depth of 50 cm. Arches are also mounted on them. The construction of the structure is performed with cold-dip galvanized metal joints and screw connections. The structure is connected to the statically stable object by roof and side wind couplings – diagonals. The front sides of the garden greenhouse are composed of cold-dip galvanized pipes Ø27 x 1.5 mm which are mounted on the structure using galvanized metal couplings. We offer revolving doors measuring 1.40 x 1.95 m, which are installed on the front side, while the other front side can be without doors. The door, as well as the rest of the front sides, is covered with a single PE-EVA foil which is fastened to the structure with galvanized clasps. Lateral ventilation is installed on both sides of the garden greenhouse. As a fixed part, a plinth made of double PE foil, 200µm thick, 1.00m high, is made. The upper part of the foil plinth is transferred over the galvanized wire while the lower part of the foil is dripped into the ground. The rest of the ventilation is made of a single foil, also 200µm thick, which is also a cover foil. The drive pipe ø27 is hung on the lower ends of the foil with the help of galvanized clips, by turning which we open and close the side vents. PE-EVA foil is installed as a cover for the garden greenhouse, which is attached to the greenhouse structure with galvanized clips. After the foil is installed, a plasticized rope is “zigzagged” over it, which also fastens the foil. The foil is made by an Italian manufacturer, 200µm thick, UV stabilized, anti-drip and with a shelf life of 4 years.




  • Climate control
  • Protection against external influences
  • Controlled and healthier breeding
  • Growing throughout the year
  • Better product quality
  • Provided up to several times higher yield compared to outdoor production


  • The arches and the complete construction are made of quality galvanized pipes, resistant to corrosion
  • Stable and solid construction
  • Long-lasting PROFI foil, UV protection, 200 mq, with 4-year light transmission guarantee
  • Doors made of galvanized pipes also corrosion resistant
  • Lateral ventilation for ventilation with manual lifting


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