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Genap long panel silos

GENAP Long panel silos are designed to be installed with only manual force. So without cranes or other equipment. The silo is modularly constructed of corrugated steel panels of at least 0.8 mm or 1.0 mm thickness. The panel length is 3.05 meters. The high tensile strength ( S 280 ) according to DIN – EN 101147 makes the silo robust and suitable for storage of liquids. Genap silos are available in diameters ranging from 2 to 31 meters and heights ranging from 1.5 to over 4.5 meters. All steel panels are galvanized , but a special coating is available for more durability and long lasting protection against corrosion. This unique ” Super Vinyl Thermoplastic ” coating is known under the name of “Plastisol ” and has a layer thickness of 200 microns on each side of the panels.

Genap short panel silos

These short panel silos with a maximum panel length of 2.30 meters are specially designed to be loaded transversely in a truck or container so that transport efficiency is increased. Especially for export shipments this gives cost savings. With the exception of the diameters, all technical specifications are equal to the long Genap panel silos.


– Great stability and mechanical strength .

– Easy installation with standardised installation drawings .

– Lower transport costs per unit due to 25% volume reduction (short – panels).

– Durability with lifetime expectancy above 10 years. Maximum durability with Plastisol coating; lifetime expectancy above 20 years.-

– Minimal maintenance costs.

– Reusable materials.

– ISO certified manufacturing

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