MAXIMUM USE OF SPACEGreenhouse tables

Technical description for mobile and fixed tables


For maximum use of space in greenhouses, greenhouses are used mobile tables. Standard table widths are 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 m and length is on request. The table consists of legs, side scroll bar and aluminum frame. The legs are made of hot-dip galvanized vertical pipes 30x30mm and horizontally mounted 40x20mm and 30x20mm which are welded together. The legs are mounted on galvanized plates 110x110mm on which is welded threaded bar Ø16x160mm with a nut that is used for fine adjustment, leveling table height. The longitudinal stability of the table is ensured by Ø20×1500 or Ø20×2000 diagonal, depending on the table length and the distance between the legs.

For mobile tables, the sideways pipes have hot galvanized pipes Ø48x2mm and length depending on the length of the table. The frame frame consists of a 125mm high aluminum frame and an ‘omega’ aluminum profile or 40x20mm galvanized tubes that are mounted transversely between the aluminum frame. The 50×20 Omega Profiles and Tubes serve as supporting elements for a styrofoam table or for a PVC soaking tub. A soaking valve is installed on the soaking tubs through which we fill, irrigate and empty the table. The table as such does not require any maintenance.



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