Injection fertigation dosing unit max. 4 fertilizers + 1 acid

BravoJet is a fertigation unit with injection dosing system.

BravoJet can be configured to be connected directly to the main irrigation supply pipe (SL version) or installed in parallel with the pump that supplies water to the irrigation system (SP version).

BravoJet is available in two size, based on the capacity of the dosing channels:

BravoJet – L: Dosage up to 600 l/h per dosing channel.

BravoJet – H: Dosage up to 1000 l/h per dosing channel.

The possibility to use two different type of dosing channels (with high definition electronic flow meter or variable area flow meter) provides application versatility never seen before.

The latest computerized system generation, in addition to perfectly nutrients dosing in irrigation water, allows the connection with multiple cultural sensors for irrigation process automation like Gravimatic and even a complete weather station to control irrigation, fog and even antifrost system!

In case of long distances between BravoJet and the irrigation valves, these can be managed in two way, or via radio thanks to Spagnol Radio System or by data bus Spagnol S-Bus.

With the MC-Net, MC-Cloud, MC-SMS services, the user has the possibility of complete remote control from the Smartphone, Tablet or PC of the entire system.

Acid/alcali dosing channel Up to 1. Max. dosing capacity 300 l/h.
Fertilizer dosing channels Up to 4. Max. dosing capacity of BravoJet L: 600 l/h. Max. dosing capacity of Bravomix H 1000 l/h
Fertilizer and acid dosing channel types With variable area flowmeter / With electronic flowmeter / With variable area and electronic flowmeter.
Dosing modes Total EC / Proportional / Combined EC-proportional / Quantity / Irrigation stop at quantity.
EC sensors 2 EC sensors with themperature measurement and compensation.
pH sensors 2 pH sensors (electrode).
Irrigation zone valves 8 expandable up to 250.
Water pressure regulation Yes.
Irrigation systems supported Direct irrigation / Indirect irrigation / Ebb&Flood / Closed cicle irrigation.
Maximum irrigation water tanks 10
Maximum irrigation lines 10
Irrigation programs Manual command / Clock / Timer / Light radiation sum / Drainage influence / Substrate weight / Substrate water content / Environment temperature/humidity / Pressure / External input.
Greenhouse climate control 4 zones 4 periods/day (optional)
Connectable sensors Drainage quantity / Drainage EC / Drainage pH / Substrate weight / EC premix / pH premix / Radiation / Temperature-humidity meteo and zones / Tanks level sensors / Irrigation flowmeters / Wind speed / Wind direction / Rain presence / Rain quantity
Supervision MC-Net / Cloud service MC-Web/ SMS service MC-SMS.
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