Pumping and mixing group for fertigation unit.
To mix two different types of water carefully.

DrenaMix is a mixing unit that mixes drainage and fresh water or two different tipe of water. It is used mainly for the reuse of drainage water coming from the cultivations (suitably treated by an ULTRA disinfection unit).

For its functioning DrenaMix must be combined with a dosing unit of the series Bravo/Evo Mix. The necessary inputs/outputs have to be considered on the dosing unit.

As an option, DrenaMix can be supplied with its own controller installed on board (without having to be combined with a dosing unit). In this way DrenaMix becomes a completely autonomous mixing unit.

The mixing of the two incoming waters is managed on the basis of a desired EC output.

As an option, by installing a flow sensor on both inputs, it is possible to perform percentage mixing.

DrenaMix is designed to be installed directly next to the dosing unit whose inlet and outlet connections are already fitted on DrenaMix in the right position. DrenaMix is already equipped with a bypass and a non-return valve to irrigate the crops directly.

DrenaMix is available in 3 versions (L, M, H) according to the type of dosing unit to which it is combined:

DrenaMix-L : BravoMix-L, EvoMix-L

DrenaMix-M : BravoMix-M, EvoMix-M

DrenaMix-H : BravoMix-H, BravoMix-HH, EvoMix-H, EvoMix-HH

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