Pumping group for fertigation unit.
ServoMix - The best way to supply water to fertigation unit.

ServoMix is a water supply unit for Bravo/Evo Mix series dosing units.

It’s designed to be installed directly on the side of its dosing unit, which input and output ports are directly coupled with ServoMix in the right position

ServoMix is equipped with a bypass valve and a non-return valve so that the crops can be directly connected in the event of a failure of the dosing unit.

It can be equipped with EC and pH sensors and sensors to control the level in storage tanks.

ServoMix is available in 4 sizes (L, M, H and HH) based on the dosage unit size :

ServoMix-L : BravoMix-L, EvoMix-L

ServoMix-M : BravoMix-M, EvoMix-M

ServoMix-H : BravoMix-H, EvoMix-H

ServoMix-HH : BravoMix-HH, EvoMix-HH

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