For the removal of bicarbonates in irrigated water accumulated in the tanks. And with the right pH of water, crops are stronger and more luxuriant.

Often groundwater is rich in bicarbonates that can compromise the good growth of crops and can damage irrigation system.

For this reason Spagnol has created Ca-Remover Tank whose task is to neutralize the bicarbonates present in the irrigation waters by lowering its pH.

Its use is very simple: in the autonomous version all you have to do is set the desired pH value directly in the Ca-Remover Tank and the acidity of the water flowing through it will be regulated to the value of pH desired; on the other hand, Ca-Remover Tank S-Bus version, the pH can be set in our fertigation units or in all our controllers. In this last case and if you have subscribed to the MC-Cloud service, the value of the pH can be set and viewed also with smartphone, tablet and PC.

The installation of the Ca-Remover Tank is also very simple since it can be fixed to the wall or directly to the metal tank using the same bolts used for its assembly.

Ca-Remover Tank must be powered at 230V single-phase and is supplied with the electric part to control the single-phase submersible pump, suction tube with minimun level switch in acid tank, minimum level float of the irrigation water.

Based on the tank capacity, we recommend installing the circulation pump with a capacity of 1/10 per hour of tank capacity.

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