SENSORSEnvironment climate sensors

Temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors

The view and control of the growth environment

The concept of microclimate control in a greenhouse is closely linked to the need to have a complete and reliable view of the environment in which the crops grow.
In this context, sensors play a fundamental role…this is why Spagnol has a range of sensors that stand out for accuracy, measurement speed and reliability.
The sensors are enclosed in sturdy boxes whose purpose is to protect them from solar radiation and splashes of water. The sensors can be electronic ventilated and non-ventilated or dry bulb and wet bulb.
For the measurement of ambient CO2 a ventilated sensor with NDIR operating concept is available.
The climate sensors can be connected to the Spagnol S-Bus network and therefore with MC-Net or MC-Cloud visible On-Line.

S-Bus screened electronic temperature and humidity sensors

S-Bus screened and ventilated electronic temperature and humidity sensors


S-Bus dry bulb / wet bulb temperature and humidity sensor in ventilated box


S-Bus CO2 sensor in ventilated box. NDIR measuring principle


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